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You are a small company, a startup or a freelancer in the IT sector and you want to learn from others, share your experience or know how and what to connect to other IT experts, then you are right here.
The membership gives you access to a great network if trusted IT exports from all kinds of domains. We have Developers, Security Engineers, Consultant from various areas, Agile Experts and many more. Your membership will get you  access to the shared knowhow of all members, which will help you to grow your own skill and your business. We have an online collaboration suite, which will give you immediate access to the rest of the crew and we have regular personal meetings to get to know each other. To ensure the quality of the members we currently only allow new members to join with a recommendation of an existing member.

Fees & Benefits

Everyone can decide if he would like to join as an individual member or as a company member.

Individual Member

CHF 400/yr
Online Collaboration Tool Access
Regular Personal Meetings
Access to the Member Profiles
Join Meetings of other Chapters
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Company Member

CHF 1000/yr
Online Collaboration Tool Access
Regular Personal Meetings
Access to the Member Profiles
Join Meetings of other Chapters
Member Profile
Company Profile
Mentioning on the Website
3 Employee Slots for Meetings
3 Employee Slots for Positions in the Association
3 Votes in the Association

The fees are per calendar year and due on the 1st of January. In the year of entry, the fees are calculated pro rate on the beginning of the month of entry.

Apply For Memebership

Please use the following form to apply for the membership. The membership will only be granted if you have a recommendation from an existing member. The association reserves the right to reject applications, if the applicant does not fit into the target audience of the association.

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Chapter Leadership

The first chapter has just been founded in the Zürich area, but we are ready to expand quickly to different areas. Since personal meetings are very important, the chapters should not grow too big and there should be chapters in all areas of Switzerland. Every area needs a local leader to organise the event and to connect with the board and the other chapter leaders.

Teamwork makes the dream work!
Membership FAQ

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How do I become a member?

Presently, membership is invitation-only. This allows us to ensure the quality of the association is unimpeded by new entrants.

How do you meet?

We meet face-to-face, that is, at events and other excursions throughout the city. Every event has a host and members are encouraged to visit these events, or meetings, regularly.

Can TecHub Swiss help my startup IT company?

Absolutely, one of our mandates is that this association would strengthen your own IT startup by making available the cross-functional skills needed to serve your customers.

What are the individual benefits for me as an IT Professional?

Be an IT Professional you can boost your values, trust, motivation and experience and you also enhance your devoted employment connections by professional conversation and sharing.

What are the corporate benefits of joining TecHub Swiss?

Techub Swiss is like an exceptional platform where every persons of their
profession can talk with their requirements. It provides a huge personal
advantage of realistic approaches. User friendly and very secure Techub Swiss is the online networking website with all facilities.

Does TecHub Swiss make partnerships and accept donations?

Techub Swiss makes partnerships perfectly with transparent form and it accepts donations for its charity work. It respects your concept and makes it a business level improvement. You can create your advantageous relationships with Techub Swiss as it serves the best outcome for every user.