TechHub Swiss


The purpose behind this association is the regional networking of specialists in the IT environment. It is primarily concerned with the promotion of small IT companies, start-ups and freelancers.  Through the networking of IT specialists from various disciplines and the exchange of technical and business information, the members should be strengthened in their business endeavours.

This purpose is presently enabled through the joint efforts of three organisations: Sly AG, Spadoom, and Consus.


TecHub Swiss is engineering a community of domain experts who participate in knowledge exchange for the betterment of  the Swiss IT industry. This community supports local, regional, and governmental institutions and organisations fulfil their mandate(s) by encouraging domain experts to share their expertise with one another inside TecHub to drive solutions, and capitalise on the opportunities found in industry sectors.

Thus, TecHub Swiss is committed to:

  • Create a network of trustworthy IT specialists from various disciplines
  • Strengthen member competencies through networking and exchange
  • Improve the quality of services, products, or expertise offered by members through joint cooperative initiatives
  • Servicing the Swiss IT landscape its pursuit of digital transformation


TecHub Swiss Chapters are individual self-sustaining event-driven units that proliferate across Switzerland, maintained by regional and local IT experts. These Chapters are driven by the code of conduct, principles, and values of TecHub Swiss, and act as local agents to support cantonal initiatives. This way, TecHub associates can be there where the support is needed.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." – Michael Jordan

Interested to found your local chapter? We are currently a single chapter in Zürich. We would be happy to support you in founding your local TecHub Swiss chapter.


Powered by Swiss-based Partners

We partnered together to provide and sponsor some events, share know-how, and build a network of IT specialists throughout Switzerland.