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Gubelstrasse 28
8050 Zürich, Switzerland
Phone numbers:
+41 44 552 72 79
Membership FAQ

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How do I become a member?

Presently, membership is invitation-only. This allows us to ensure the quality of the association is unimpeded by new entrants.

How do you meet?

We meet face-to-face, that is, at events and other excursions throughout the city. Every event has a host and members are encouraged to visit these events, or meetings, regularly.

Can TecHub Swiss help my startup IT company?

Absolutely, one of our mandates is that this association would strengthen your own IT startup by making available the cross-functional skills needed to serve your customers.

What are the individual benefits for me as an IT Professional?

Be an IT Professional you can boost your values, trust, motivation and experience and you also enhance your devoted employment connections by professional conversation and sharing.

What are the corporate benefits of joining TecHub Swiss?

Techub Swiss is like an exceptional platform where every persons of their
profession can talk with their requirements. It provides a huge personal
advantage of realistic approaches. User friendly and very secure Techub Swiss is the online networking website with all facilities.

Does TecHub Swiss make partnerships and accept donations?

Techub Swiss makes partnerships perfectly with transparent form and it accepts donations for its charity work. It respects your concept and makes it a business level improvement. You can create your advantageous relationships with Techub Swiss as it serves the best outcome for every user.