TecHUB event

TecHUB and Friends - Spring 2022

May 4, 2022 18:00
3AP AG - Aargauerstrasse 250, 8048 Zürich

TecHUB community event, by invitation only:

The Force meets TecHub

written by Sufi Mohamed
published May 5th 2022

TecHub members gathered at 3AP AG, a space sponsored by an organisation dedicated to transformation and enlightenment. Since 2014, 3AP AG has focused its engineering and consulting efforts primarily, as they call it, “bridging the gap” — their dream is to bring their clients forward and embrace technological adaptation by seamlessly integrating people and purpose. People are driven by intent, desire and fulfilment. 3AP stands at the nexus point where their client’s purpose meets their customer’s needs.

TecHub team and organisers expressed gratitude for 3AP, for their space and support, their introduction and desire to collaborate and integrate TecHub as part of its purpose. 

TecHub members and guests gathered around beer and other beverages early before René, Treasurer of TecHUB, provided updates concerning TecHub’s growth. Many conversations led to insightful discoveries and contact exchanges. TecHub members and esteemed guests quickly learned that more time was required to continue their thought-provoking dialogue. Some could even feel the force triggering them towards an arrangement that would satisfy both parties. TecHub knows that collaboration sits at the heart of success.

René presented statistics that proved TecHub’s service to its members, and the profitability TecHub had offered them. Profitability didn’t just include monetary compensation, it also included the corresponding knowledge obtained by its members and their staff. René introduced TecHub to visiting guests and curious individuals. It was clear, people here knew one another—they have collaborated with each other before and some new encounters would certainly pave the way towards mutual benefit in the long run.

Dario, president of TecHub, spoke to new guests and exchanged conversations with several specialists. To him, TecHub was growing and new faces emerged. He saw and experienced laughs, familiar discussions that have continued since previous encounters. TecHub’s purpose was well understood by visitors. Dario, René, and Luca Solimine (TecHub’s treasurer) each hoped that eminent colleagues and IT professionals would continue to spread the word that TecHub serves each of us and can seamlessly integrate into any IT business model.

TecHub is certain that additional engagements and meet-ups will continue to bring IT professionals closer, and thereby, through mutual and professional collaboration, simultaneously grow one another towards limitless success.

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