TecHUB event

General Meeting 2022

March 31, 2022 18:00
Restaurant zum Grünen Glas - Zürich

Our General Meeting 2022 combined with dinner at the amazing Restaurant zum grünen Glas.

General Meeting 2022

written by Luca Solimine
published May 12th 2022

TechHub celebrated a wicked dinner at our general meeting on March 31 2022, at the Restaurant zum grünen Glas.

Members got together to discuss new experiences, findings, and collaborations they’ve had with professional colleagues in the IT domain. Since COVID, there have been many new developments, and challenges that inspired many organisations to shift towards more tech-based solutions to enhance and support their clients. During this time TechHub members experienced a strong shift towards tech-based solutions.

At this gathering, TechHub members not only had a fantastic dinner served with exquisite wine, we went through our annual budgeting, expenses and contributions we’ve given and made to our clients. During this time we looked back at the past year, reflected on what we achieved, and charted a new and updated path about what we intend to do in the coming months. 

Our client’s needs, and expectations, run throughout TechHub and how we serve them is a constant question amongst us. We look for new and innovative ways, seek collaboration and facilitate ongoing discussions amongst ourselves to not only develop our customers in their chosen domains, but also ourselves. 

Various ways of collaboration opportunities have been discussed over dinner, new ideas  exchanged and some course corrections in our ongoing businesses decided. Several TechHub members expressed the need for skilled developers and other staff. 

We value the support we’ve provided each other last year as it has given us not only greater profitability, but strengthened our knowledge in our domains. We know that skilled individuals are just around the corner, and that we don’t have to search far and wide to find the people we need to staff upcoming projects. That skill is already in TechHub!

We’re certain that you will also take advantage of this collaboration too!

We look forward to meeting you in our next gathering!

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